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Kevin Foxx

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from piquenewsmagazine's feature on Kevin Foxx

"I don't know if I chose comedy so much as it chose me. I know it sounds corny," he says.

When he was eight, he had memorized entire Richard Prior and Bill Cosby albums. In school, he was doing Redd Foxx impressions.

But he couldn't bring himself to perform on stage. The stage fright was crippling and for years he struggled with it. It took until he was 24, when a friend murdered two other friends, for him to make the change.

He says, "It was a very hardcore moment in my life, as you can imagine, and it made me realize that life is short. This had always been my dream and I let fear hold me back, so that was the catalyst."

He started performing at amateur nights around Vancouver. He took the basic principles — fusing together two incongruent ideas into one single compatible one — and worked on it. A few months later, he had his first gig. And that was that.

Inspired by what he describes as his "absurd life," he jokes about his struggles with drugs and alcohol, about the dissolution of his marriage, about having children. His routine essentially dissects the last two decades of his life, what he's learned and what he wished he'd learned. Nothing is off limits. It's either funny or not funny. That's his only criteria.

"I do talk about a lot of stuff that would be considered painful at the time but once you come out of it — once you have perspective — then you can write about it," he says. "Certain horrific things, like losing a child, I don't ever see finding humour in. You can get to a point where you can live with it... but then again, that's not true because I know comics who talk about their abusive parents. Anything is potential for comedy."


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Kevin Foxx