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Luke Ashlocke

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Luke Ashlocke‘s story is very simple. A dual citizen due to being the spawn of a Scottish dad who drinks and then gives horrible advice but only in that order and an American mom who’s a perfect southern belle and Luke’s hero. After his parents break up, Luke was moved to the U.S. to with his mom and brothers to begin again in a brand new world. Through extreme poverty, cultural confusions, and his naturally mischievous ways he discovered his own answers to life’s questions.

Today, he lives a double life as he try’s to form a relationship with his, dead-beat-who-recently-married-into-money, dad and keep these attempts secret from his never-leave-your-side-and-always-poor, American side of the family.

Just like a woman, Luke desires to have a family. His dating life is simply a trial and error of finding the right woman, the only problem is that he lives in Los Angeles, CA. Where his potential mates include- psycho’s, liars, thieves, and deranged lunatics. Or, just enough of each of these wonderful traits that Luke thinks they are 99% perfect… Until his masculinist uncle / roommate messes everything up.


Earlier Event: May 5
Later Event: May 7
Luke Ashlocke