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James Kennedy

Vancouver’s newest comedy golden boy arrives to chat in a black jeep covered in skateboard and Wu-tang stickers. A skater himself, Kennedy is undeniably…cool? Old school comics would love to tell you that stand-up comedy is a sanctuary for losers: get on stage and talk about how your wife won’t touch you because your dick doesn’t work and the audience has a good long laugh at your troubles. Everything James Kennedy has done in the past two years is a slap in the face to long held Canadian comedy industry beliefs, just as comics are *supposed* to be losers it’s also supposed to take 5-10 years before you could be considered a headliner.

“I don’t consider myself a headliner” says Kennedy, who headlined many comedy clubs all around Canada & the states. “Right now I’m just keeping my nose down and focusing on getting good at comedy. That is why I don’t have much content: no website, no clips on Youtube. I don’t want that until I’m good,” says the man who won two major Vancouver comedy competitions in two days apart within months of first taking the stage. Obviously Kennedy has a different definition of “good” than the average comedy newbie who’s got some real earth-shattering insight on Jared from Subway.

With the bar for quality set as high as his aspirations, Kennedy’s starting point (weekends at the comedy club) is most comedians end goal, but he is far from done. “I want to be able to work in the States as quick as I can.” (Another comedy goal that takes 10+ years.) “I want to buy a van and tour the whole country with my girlfriend.” A touring musician and DJ for most of his 20s, Kennedy is not one to shy away from the rock and roll dream. Now 31, his late start in the comedy game, usually a career killer, has only ignited his trajectory combining years of hands on indie production knowledge and deadly natural talent.

Kennedy is out on the Vancouver scene working on new material every night so you’ve probably seen him around, but if by some miracle you haven’t- follow him on Twitter @jimmykcomedy, find out where he’s playing and treat yourself to some serious next level effort.

“two years ago today I drove to Kelowna to perform for free with no accommodations more than willingly because I wanted to do my first 25 minute set. This week I’ll be doing 25-minute sets opening for Tim Meadows as part of Just for Laughs Northwest,” says Kennedy. Spoken like a true hustler.

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James Kennedy
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