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Bromance Tour Sunee Dhaliwal Cliff Prang

Sunee is a national touring headliner who has graced stages around the world. His personality and unique sense of humour have made him a club and crowd favourite wherever he travels. Think of the funny guy in high school who both the jocks and the nerds liked. Sunee is one of the fastest rising stars on the Canadian comedy scene.

Sunee has performed in comedy festivals such as Montreal's Just for Laughs Festival, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, the Halifax Comedy Festival and JFL Northwest. He has worked with such talents as Tom Segura, Jim Belushi, Bryan Callen, Tony Rock, Mike MacDonald, Jo Koy, Sugar Sammy and Charlie Murphy. Sunee can regularly be heard on XM Radio and has done his very own Comedy Now! special, which airs on CTV.

The sky is the limit  for Sunee Dhaliwal. A few years from now, he will have you saying  "I saw him when..." Catch him when he comes to your town. 

"Sunee Dhaliwal may just be the fastest rising star on the Canadian comedy scene"- Global Tv

"A Rising Comic Star!" - The Post

I care to be funny. 

Photo By: Sharalee Prang Photography

Since my early 20's people have been saying that I look like a young George Clooney. I'll take it. People have also compared me to Johnny Knoxville, which is a polite way of saying that I look like a Jack @$$. Fair point. 

Personally, I'd rather look like I am having fun and care about what I do, because I am and I do. I take the time to get to know you and your purpose because then I am better equipped to support and celebrate you and your people. Feeling warm and fuzzy yet?  

I'm 40 now and have been a lot of things including pastor, landscaper, retail sales guy, camp counsellor, friend, nemesis, failure, and champion. Currently, I am living my dream of being a professional actor/comedian and amateur stay-at-home dad. I live in Yarrow, BC, Canada with my wife and 3 kids. I like them. A lot. 

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